V6 Aeropack

Description SKU 33-6-002
$1,499.00 USD

 ACS Composite introduces the Camaro Aero-Packs; a series of ACS pre-painted aerodynamic components sold in packages, painted and ready to install. These are conversion kits for each and every Camaro trim level. Parts are sold as kits, optimizing value and ease of installation

Whether you wish to install the components yourself, or you are a dealer seeking to increase profits while reducing shipping and paint charges. An ACS Aero-Pack will set your Camaro apart from the competition. Starter kits are sold in a satin black finish and can be installed on any colored Camaro. ACS components are designed to improve airflow around the Camaro and enhance its already aggressive stance.

Splitter will not lower the ride height while improving the front airflow; Wheel deflectors rush the air around the front wheels to help cool brakes under hard braking while  extracting brake dust. Similarly the side rockers do not lower the ride height and similarly the elegantly designed mud flap protects the undercarriage while matching the Camaro's lines.

For an ultimate heat extraction set up and to  reduce front body lift at high speeds;  select our optional bumper ports and a family of hood extractor inserts.

 ACS-LS LT Aero-Pack includes :

• ACS-T5 Splitter 33-4-101, Installation Video

 • ACS Side Rockers 33-4-027

 • ACS Front Wheel Mudflap 33-4-131

 • ACS Rear Bumper Extension 33-4-137

 • ACS Rear wheel Mudflap 33-4-135

Application Guide

  • 2010-13 Camaro LS LT RS V6

 Optional Content:

• TL1  Hood Insert 33-4-095

• T3 Hood port system 33-4-049 

• ACS-T2 Bumper Ports with Hp Lighting 33-4-035

• ACS Big Mouth 33-4-109

• Rocker Winglet 33-4-125

• Rear Wheel Deflector

• Rear Quarter Side Port 33-4-111

• Rear Quarter Upper Port

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