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Z06 Spoiler for Stingray

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Wicker Level
Central Window Wicker
$924.00 USD

Z06 Spoiler Wicker Conversion Kit

The Benefits:

The Z06 rear spoiler is a defining feature of the aeropackage on a Z06. It adds plenty of downforce on the rear end for maximum traction and control. Now, you can have the z06 spoiler on your Z51 or base C7 Stingray! This spoiler will transform that back section into the ever-aggressive stance of the Z06 on your Stingray--Not to mention to the added control!

Complements Existing Components 

Parts are made in ABS-PC plastic injection, and are painted in the sleek top-coated carbon flash metallic black. This black will match the accent pieces found all over your C7 Stingray such as the rear diffuser, fender inserts, front grill, hood inserts, and more! 

Easy and clean install

No extra modifications are needed. Simply remove the rear fascia and mount the spoiler to the existing mounting points. Detailed instructions are provided.

Rear Fascia removal is necessary. Detailed instructions are included to walk you through the conversion.

Package Includes:

  • Spoiler
  • A choice of side wickers
  • Hardware
  • Instructions


  • Wicker choice
    • Stage 1 wickers are 1/2" taller than the spoiler.
    • Stage 2 wickers are 1 1/2" taller than the spoiler
    • Stage 2.5 wickers are 2 1/2" taller than the spoiler
  • Central Wicker


    What color is the spoiler?

    The spoiler is painted carbon flash metallic black. This is the same color as all the black accent pieces found on the C7 Stingray including the rear diffuser, hood and fender inserts, front grill, etc.

    Will this fit on a Stingray?

    Yes. You will need to remove your existing spoiler to install this spoiler. Note: this spoiler overhangs on either side of the rear fascia by 1" This can be seen on the product photos.

    Is drilling required to install this spoiler?

    No. Drilling is not required regardless of a base or Z51 Stingray. You would only need to drill holes if your C7 did not come with a rear spoiler.

    I have a Z51 Stingray. Can I just install the wickers on my Z51 spoiler?

    No. The wickers will not fit or install correctly on the Z51 spoiler. For that reason, you will need to remove your Z51 spoiler and it replace it with the Z06 spoiler.

    Do you have other spoilers for the C7 Z51 Stingray?

    Yes. For the Z51 we also offer a similar look to the z06 wickers; however, they are slightly smaller in height. They can be found here.

    • C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-2019
    Shipping Dimensions: 63x14x8" 10lbs