Z/28 Rear Deck Spoiler For Convertible

Description SKU 46-4-014 GBA
Wicker Bill
$549.00 USD

ACS Composite 2014-2015 Z/28 Rear Deck Spoiler 

Personalize your '14-15 Camaro with a custom race-inspired spoiler right off the Z/28. Available with or with out the Wicker Bill for added adjustable downforce.

As GM diligently worked to sculpt a new Rear Spoiler that not only looks the business but measurably adds down force to the 2014 Camaro Z/28.

The Rear Deck Spoiler is designed for the 2014-15 Camaro Convertible. 


- OEM radio antenna will need to be uninstalled from the original spoiler and reinstalled in the ACS-Z/28 Spoiler. Detailed instructions are included. 

Key Features:

  • Enhances down force.
  • Comes standard in Gloss Black
  • Available in 4 layouts (No wicker), Wicker hard installed (to install your own wicker), Smoked Polycarbonate wicker, Or a Gloss Black wicker bill.
What color is the spoiler?

The spoiler comes in a Gloss Black finish. Ideal for contrasting against the Camaro body color.

How does the spoiler install?

The spoiler mounts using the same OEM mounting points as the stock spoiler, so no drilling is required (unless your Camaro does not have a spoiler).

Camaro 2014-2015 Convertible
Shipping Dimensions: 60x15x4" 15lbs.