T3 Hood Port Kit

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$549.00 USD

ACS Composite T3 Hood Port Kit

The T3 Hood Port self-install kit is an efficient way to upgrade your stock hood without needing to replace an entire hood! No need to break your head seeing if another hood will fit properly or spend money painting an entire hood! The ACS-T3 Hood Port self install kit is a 9-piece installation kit to convert the existing stock hood on your Camaro. 


While the stock Camaro hood is light that is about all it offers in terms of performance benefits. No cooling, heat extraction, forced air, improved aero performance etc. The ACS-T3 Hood Insert converts the original hood to allow the:  

  • Extraction of the engine's hot air
  • Reduction of body lift at high speed by relieving under hood pressure.
  • Water to drain towards the front radiator support away from critical engine electronics.


  • Driver and Passenger Outer Port, Primed
  • Driver and Passenger Inner Panel, Primed 
  • Driver and Passenger Deflector Plate, Primed 
  • Driver and Passenger Octagonal Mesh, Powder Coated Black 
  • Deflector mounting bolts
  • Templates
  • Adhesive
  • Instructions
    Do these come pre-painted to match the color of my hood?

    No. The hood ports will come in a primer finish. That is an unpainted pre-coating prior to paint and will require a final sanding before doing so. ACS Composite does not offer color matching services on this product.

    • Camaro 2010-13 SS V8
    • Camaro 2010-13 V6 (LS, LT, & RS)
    • Camaro 2014-15 V6 (LS, LT, & RS)
    Shipping Dimensions: 48x24x4" 10lbs.