Camaro 2010-2013 SS V8 Front Bumper Port Intake | T3/S | ACS Composite

T3/S Front Bumper Ports (Camaro SS Only, V8)

Description SKU 33-4-036 PRM
$329.00 USD

ACS Composite T3/S Front Bumper Ports for the V8 Camaro

Similar to our original T3 Bumper ports, the T3/s ports have the same famous look, but with a "shorter" tunnel. Don't let the smaller size scare you, smaller can be better, if you use it right. The solid rear panel can now be used to mount a family of lighting options including the stock OEM DRL light or Eagle-T set up. No need to purchase extra brackets or install extra components. Simply use our supplied templates to trim the various layouts for your very own custom lighting setup and let cold air into the engine compartment.

    What is the difference between the two surface finishes?

    Primer is an unpainted surface that will need painting prior to install. It is unadvised to install a primer unit as there are no UV stabilizers to protect it from sunlight exposure. Satin Black is a matte black finish that is dull in appearance similar to what you would see if you black Plastidip something.

    Camaro 2010-13 V8