C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 Stage One Front Splitter Spoiler

Z06 Stage 1 Splitter

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Surface Finish
Add Rockers
$224.00 USD

This Z06 Stage 1 Corvette splitter is great for any Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport or owners without a front splitter, but don't want to break the bank. The Z06 Stage 1 splitter is made in ABS injection plastic adding a more aggressive front end to a base C7. By adding a splitter to the front of the car, down-force can be generated for improved handling,  while this splitter is not designed to add aerodynamic performance it will complement the front styling and add the much needed finishing touch.

ACS offers a range of splitters available that are made in a composite that is high durability and designed to improve the function of the C7. See here.

The stage 1 splitter comes in a textured finish. However, ACS offers the option to have the splitter painted in Carbon Flash Metallic black to match the trim pieces found on the C7.

Complete the upgrade with side rockers to the front splitter for a complete aero package. Similar to our Zero7 side rocker, the 45-4-161 Side rockers will help prevent side chipping. These are following the GM Z06 design while lacking the full undercarriage protection found in our original Zero7 rockers (45-4-015). Also manufactured in a PC Composite injected black plastic. Nonetheless, the best value in aero packages can be found here with the 45-4-159 Splitter and 45-4-161 Side Rocker.

Rockers also manufactured in Pc plastic and offered in a textured black finish or carbon flash black paint finish. 

Textured Black is the natural color of the molded plastic, it is the material itself, very resistant to chipping as the surface color is the material color. 

Carbon Flash Plaint is a painted top coat matching the trim panels on the stingray; for example, the hood insert and diffuser rear panel. 

Splitter and Rockers are manufactured in Canada.


  • C7 Corvette Z06 2015-2019
  • C7 Corvette Grand Sport 2016-2019
  • C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-2019
Shipping Dimensions:

72x24x5" 15lbs

X Textured black:
Textured black is an unpainted plastic finish. It does match the fender extensions that go around the front wheel well of the Grand Sport and Z06. A very durable and chip resistant finish.

Carbon Flash Black:
CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ matches all C7 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the fender insert, hood insert, front grill, rear diffuser, and more. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.

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