ReNew Plastic Maintainer Car Cleaner for Plastic Trim, Tires, Carpets

ReNew | Plastic Trim and Rubber Maintainer

Description SKU [016-705]
$24.95 USD

What is this for?

A plastic trim and rubber maintainer & protector developed by ACS Composite to keep your car looking new! Can be used on car carpets, rubber weather mats, fender liners, tires, gaskets, and more! 

  • Can be used on the interior and exterior.

  • Body shop safe (silicon free).

Our silicone free formula helps maintain the look and appearance of vinyl, rubber, leather and plastic. Ideal for car mats, fender liners, decorative stripes, and all tires. Leaves a dry matte or shiny finish with a fragrant scent. Finish lasts up to 30 days. Resists detergents.

How it works

Spray product directly on surface or onto a microfiber cloth or applicator pad. Spread evenly on the surface. Wipe dry for a matte finish or let dry for a shiny finish. For extremely dirty surfaces, pre-wash using your preferred products, then rinse and let dry before using ReNew. Dries quickly and repels dust.