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ACS Composite

Jacking Pucks

Jacking Pucks


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ACS Composite Corvette Jacking Pucks

Searching for the ultimate solution to safely lift your Corvette? Look no further than our ACS Composite Jacking Pucks, designed for reliable, semi-permanent installation to ensure your Corvette is protected whenever it's lifted.

With the ACS Jacking Pucks, you can confidently leave them in place on your Corvette, knowing that they can be easily removed if needed.

Why Choose ACS Jacking Pucks for Your Corvette?

When servicing your Corvette, technicians use jacking pucks to safely lift the vehicle. However, standard pucks can cause issues if they're forgotten or misplaced. The ACS Jacking Pucks eliminate these concerns with their secure, semi-permanent installation.

Benefits of ACS Jacking Pucks

  • Prevent damage to the underside of your Corvette during lifting
  • Eliminate the risk of pucks falling out while driving
  • Ensure pucks are always in place for safe lifting

Superior Quality and Compatibility

Our Corvette Jacking Pucks are machined from solid, heavy-duty aluminum and anodized in red, black, or blue metallic finishes. Compatible with C5, C6, C7, and C8 Corvettes, including Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1 models, these pucks install easily with the provided Allen wrench, requiring no drilling.

What's Included

Each package comes with 4 Jacking Pucks, an Allen key, and 4 nuts. With a 2.5" diameter lifting surface and 0.5" thickness, these pucks provide reliable, secure support for your Corvette.


Install video

Surface finish

There is no surface finish associated with this product.

Vehicle fitment

  • C8 Z06
  • C8 E-Ray
  • C8 Stingray
  • C7 ZR1
  • C7 Z06
  • C7 Grand Sport
  • C7 Stingray
  • C6 ZR1
  • C6 Z06
  • C6 Grand Sport
  • C6 Base
  1. Coupe
  2. Convertible/HTC

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  • Tools Required

  • Made in North America

    Buy with confidence knowing each part was designed, made, and painted within North America.

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