Camaro 2010-2013 | T4 Front Splitter Undertray Only | ACS Composite

T4 Undertray for T4 Splitter

Description SKU [33-4-115]
$189.00 USD

ACS's latest Camaro performance RTM component is the ACS-T4 Under-tray, which works in conjunction with the ACS-T4 Splitter (33-4-099) to optimize the front end airflow via its perfectly flat and smooth underside; thereby, accelerating airflow under the car. Kit includes:

  • Under-tray (Prepped and primed in black primer)
  • Adhesive
  • Mounting bolts with washers and cap plugs
  • Installs in under 60 minutes
      What exactly is this product? Is it the T4 splitter?

      No. It is the the undertray which attaches to the underneath of the T4 splitter. This is not the complete splitter.

      Shipping Dimensions: 72x24x5" 15lbs.