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Why ACS Composite products are unlike anything else…

Why ACS Composite products are unlike anything else…

ACS’s history is derived from OEM experience and engineering, the company’s philosophy is to apply its knowledge and technology gained from the OEM programs and offer the same quality standard to all its product line including the aftermarket. In a nutshell the secret is RTM, Resin Transfer Molding, it is a manufacturing process where dry […]


How it’s made; hood edition

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting a series of articles on how automotive hoods are designed and manufactured. A hood can offer various performance gains, a performance hood can offer weight savings over stock, by doing so it can improve weight distribution, fuel economy, acceleration and top speed… design elements like air induction or […]


SLP Corvette C6 Functional Hood

Hood, 2005-13 C6 Corvette SLP now offers an all-new C6 composite hood with functional hood scoop to fit 2005-13 Corvettes. This OEM quality C6 hood is manufactured using the same process that SLP used when manufacturing over 52,000 Camaro SS, Firehawk and WS-6 specialty vehicle hoods for GM and its dealers. This aggressive, functional hood […]