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ACS New Cadillac Escalade Hood

Available is ACS’s new V series style Escalade Hood. The hood is a RTM molded product manufactured using ACS’s OEM proven manufacturing process. Each panel is robotically trimmed and bonded to insure an easy installation on the vehicle. Inspired by the XLR-V the hood has a center cowl in addition to two functional heat extractors. […]



SLP’s latest Corvette C6 hood can be seen on Stacey David’s Gearz TV show on SPEED. The show aired May 3rd at 9 am Estearn time. Check out your local listing for re-run times. SLP’s provided some of their new C6 Corvette products to be featured on the Armor-All/Tony Stewart Sweepstakes giveaway 2008 C6 Corvette. […]


Advantages of RTM panels

RTM, Resin Transfer Molding is a manufacturing process where a fiberglass continuous mat is placed in a closed female / male tool. Under pressure the mold cavity is filled with liquid resin. An injection machine is used to fill the mold. ACS’s RTM process utilizes large presses and heavy tooling to ensure high quality parts. […]


ACS product update

ACS’s latest capability brochure and our newest C6 hoods. ACS Summary.pdf Callaway Corvette C6 Supercharger Hood LG Motorsports World Challenge Hood and SLP C6 Hood Hoods are exclusively available trough and

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Hood Basics

A car hood may seem like a simple element of a car’s body structure, in most cases its function is to cover the engine compartment and most importantly during a collision become part of the complete structure to dissipate energy away from the passenger compartment. Replacement hoods are readily available; many aftermarket collision parts will […]


How it’s made; hood edition

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting a series of articles on how automotive hoods are designed and manufactured. A hood can offer various performance gains, a performance hood can offer weight savings over stock, by doing so it can improve weight distribution, fuel economy, acceleration and top speed… design elements like air induction or […]