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C6 Splitters and rockers for both Z06's and Standard C6 Corvettes

C6 Splitters and rockers for both Z06's and Standard C6 Corvettes

ACS Composite's have released a front splitter and side rockers for your Z06, GS, ZR1 and standard C6 Corvettes. Not only will they add great looks to your vehicle but by using the latest in molding technologies ACS Composite's will provide you with a product that will last for years to come. All ACS Composite splitter's and side rocker components are produced using a technology known as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding).

Geiger Cars Twin Turbo Z06 Corvette

Germany’s Geiger Cars brings its Corvette Z06 to a top-speed shoot-out in Italy, taking on the best tuners in Europe with twin-turbo, big-bore American power. Story by Ian Kuah Photos by the author Each year, Continental Tires invites Europe’s top car tuners to southern Italy for its Nardo High Performance Event. The competition is simple: […]


New ACP RTM molded World Challenge Corvette Hood

Ready for production is ACP‘s new world challenge C6 hood. The hood design is extremely popular in the Corvette Community. Designed after ACP’s race winning, wind tunnel tested World Challenge bodywork, It has been hand manufactured by ACP. Using ACP’s master model ACS converted the model to create new molds and manufacture using its proprietary […]


Callaway Corvette in Autoweek; When 430 HP isn’t enough

You enter the Callaway compound, in deepest Orange County, California, through massive wooden doors that are not unlike those guarding the fictional Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. Like Oz, Callaway’s is a place of wonder, complete with Munchkins in the form of the youngest Callaway kids. Reeves Callaway’s oldest son, engineer and company […]


LG Motorsports Sets new Texas Standing Mile Record for Corvette at 210mph

For the off season from the ALMS series, LG Motorsports took a Corvette Z06 and built it with Twin Turbo resulting in 1200 hp and took it to the “Texas Standing Mile” for a shot at the Corvette record. Result: New record for a Corvette in the Texas Standing Mile at 210.3 even with tires […]


Corvettes Of Dallas – Signature Series with SLP C6 Hood

Corvettes of Dallas has just released a Signature Series C6 Corvette. Each car is custom made to customer’s specification. The convertible which is #002 is available for sale. Both produce an incredible 735hp with APS Twin Turbo Kits and APS Exhausts. The Signature Series Corvettes come with a custom SLP hood, custom wheels, custom seats, […]